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[Aqaba Insider] - Here we come
June 03, 2013

Eszter here, from Go2Jordan.INFO aka "".
Warm (actually, no...HOT!) greetings from sunny Aqaba. It's 44 Celsius (111 F) outside...

First of all,

Thank you for visiting my website a while ago and signing up to the Aqaba Insider newsletter to receive site updates, special offers and news from Aqaba and Jordan.

I've been planning to send this out regulary, on a monthly basis, but somehow I always got carried away by other stuff going on, so I apologize for not delivering so far.

But this is about to change now!

From now on, you can expect a mail like this from me at the beginning of each month with a recap of what happened the month before and with special offers and discounts for the upcoming month.

While Aqaba and Jordan will be the main focus, I will also provide useful general travel-related information and money-saving tips too.

So please stay with me even after you are "done" with Jordan. :)

OK, let's get to this month's Special Special:

To celebrate the launch of my very first Kindle eBook on,

"How to Speak Arabic in Jordan - Easy Arabic Phrasebook with Travel Tips"

Full link for non-HTML emails:

I'm offering a FREE download till midnight 5th June 2013*.

(* Amazon's Terms: Free promotions will end at approximately 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time on the date specified. Depending on system latencies, it may take a few minutes to several hours for the free promotion to end.)

You will benefit from "How to Speak Arabic in Jordan" if...

... you don't have too much time to learn to read and write Arabic, but ...

... you want to be able to have simple conversations with local people in everyday situations while traveling in Jordan and ...

... you want to understand why Jordanians say or do certain things.

Learning to speak the local Arabic dialect will enable you to easily communicate with locals in Jordan - without having to learn Arabic alphabet or grammar and without investing a lot of time and money into a full-blown Arabic language course.

How you can help

Step 1.) If you like my book, please leave a review on Amazon.

Step 2.) Have a friend who is planning a trip to Jordan? Please forward this email to him/her so (s)he can get a free copy of the book before this promotion ends.

>> Click here to download your fee copy from Amazon <<

Full link for non-HTML emails:

Thank you very much!

Have a nice summer (or winter, if you are on the southern hemisphere)

and I'll talk to you next month.


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