Below you can find the list of Aqaba Dive Sites from North to South, along the coastline.

Click on the map to enlarge and see the names of the Dive Locations

1. Power Station

2. First Bay North

3. First Bay South

4. Ras Al-Yamanya

5. King Abdullah Reef

6. Black Rock

7. Rainbow Reef

8. Cedar Pride Wreck

9. Tramac Five Barge Wreck

10. Japanese Garden

11. Gorgone I

12. Gorgone II

13. Seven Sisters

14. New Canyon or Army Tank

15. C130 Hercules Airplane Wreck

16. Eel Canyon

17. Yellowstone Reef

18. Blue Coral

19. Kiwi Reef

20. Moon Valley

21. Paradise

22. Aquarium

23. Coral Garden

24. Saudi Border

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