What You Need To Know About Aqaba Beaches

Want to enjoy the sun and the sea but don't know which of the many Aqaba beaches to go?

Read on and you will find out how to choose the beach that suits you the best!

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Jordan's Red Sea coast extends only 27 kms - as opposed to Egypt, with a coastline of 1840 kms. Still, there is a good choice of public beaches and private beach clubs.

So if you look for a spot to chill out after or in between your excursions to Wadi Rum, Petra and other exciting inland destinations...

... you WILL find your place under the sun!

Aqaba Beaches

Did You Know?

Jordan's coastline used to be even shorter!

Jordan and Saudi Arabia concluded a bilateral agreement in 1965 that resulted in exchanging of around 6000 sq kms of land and Jordan's coastline on the Gulf of Aqaba was lengthened by about 18 kms.

Private Beach Clubs in Aqaba

The private beaches belong to hotels, where you have to pay an entry fee to use the facilities.

Some of the 5-star hotels offer monthly and yearly membership packages as well for expats and residents of Aqaba.

Inside the city

Private Beach Aqaba

There are no spectacular coral reefs in the inner city so these beaches are best for swimming, sunbathing and some watersports only:

InterContinental Beach
Kempinski Beach
Movenpick Beach

Out of Town on South Coast

If you are interested in snorkeling or diving too, visit one of the following clubs on South Beach:

Northern side of the Aqaba Marine Park:

South Coast Private Beach

Club Murjan
Barracuda Beach Club
Berenice Beach Club

Tala Bay:

Radisson BLU Tala Bay Beach
Tala Bay Beach Club
Movenpick Tala Bay Beach

Further South:

Royal Diving Club

Free Public Beaches

Public Beaches are located on the South Coast in a cca. 10 minutes drive from the downtown. They belong to and managed by the Aqaba Marine Park.

More details about the public beaches on South Coast >>

Al Ghandoor Beach

The only public beach inside the city is Al-Hafayer Beach or Al-Ghandoor Beach
(it is also called "Palm Beach" recently), stretching between the Big Flag and the Royal Yach Club.

Despite the name, this beach is not really recommended for Western tourist - especially women - for swimming, only kids and some locals (women in full costume) go into the water here.

It's a great place for people-watching though, and to enjoy the sunset with a cup of tea or coffee in hand.

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