Entry into Jordan from Israel, then leave Jordan for London from Amman

We are a party of four adult British citizens, plan to spend a week in Israel then would like to spend a week in Jordan, going to the Dead Sea, Petra and then Amman.

1. Should we get visas in England or can we get it at the border crossing?

It depends. If you want to cross at the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge - which is the closest to Jerusalem - then you need to obtain the Jordanian visa beforehand because they don't issue visas at this border.

On the other hand, if you cross via Eilat/Aqaba, you can get the visa a the border and it will be free of charge.

2. Where is the best border crossing into Jordan closest to Jerusalem?

As I said above, Allenby Bridge is the closest, but you need to buy the visa prior to your travel.

3. Can we get one way buses or taxis to take us from Dead Sea to Petra, Petra to Amman?

From the border to the Dead Sea and from the Dead Sea to Petra you'll need taxi. From Petra there is a JETT Bus departing at 16.00h to Amman.

4. Can we hire a car at the crossing for 5-7 days and leave it in Ammnan?

Yes, most car rental companies offer pick-up at the border and drop-off at Amman Airport.

I have a free rental car search tool on my site that you can use to compare car rental deals from various companies with one search.

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