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What do you need to know about Jordanian money?

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Money is one of the most important issues when you travel.

Not only because travelling itself can cost serious amounts, but also because you have to deal with unfamiliar currencies, strange banknotes and coins.

If you are not careful, you can end up like a lady I know:

On one of her holidays in Morocco she bought a beautiful carpet for 200 Euros instead of the actual price of 200 Dirhams. She was NOT happy when she found it out later.

Jordanian Coins and Banknotes

The currency of Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar - JOD or JD.

It is also called "leerah" in the spoken language, you can hear it every day at the market.

jordanian money

1 dinar is divided into 100 qirsh (also called piasters) or 1000 fils.

Although the fils no longer exist as physical coin, you still see price tags in shops like:

0 750 meaning JD 0.75 or 75 piasters.

The spoken language also uses "hundred fils" for the 10 piaster coin, for example.

It's a bit confusing, I know.

The exchange rate of the Jordanian Dinar to the US dollar is fixed at USD 1 = JD 0.709.

To see the value of the JOD in your currency please use the Currency Converter tool on the right.

Cash or Card?

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Travellers Cheques

You cand find ATMs by many banks in every city of Jordan. However, not all of them serve all kind of cards.

What I know from experience is that the ATMs of Arab Bank and The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance have always accepted all of my foreign cards (Visa, Master, Visa Electron, etc.)

credit cards image

Most hotels above 3-star, mid- to upper-range restaurants and an increasiing number of shops accept credit cards but it is recommended to carry some cash with you all the time to pay for taxi, bus ticket and drinks, etc.

Visa cards seem to be more widely accepted in Jordan than other type of credit cards.

Do not expect ATMs in remote areas like Wadi Rum, at the Dead Sea, inside Petra, at the Desert Castles etc.

Try to avoid using travellers cheques, they are not really welcome any more.

You can exchange all major currencies into Jordanian money: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD, CAD as well as currencies of the neighbouring and Gulf countries.

Did You Know?

Cairo Amman Bank is the first bank in the world to install "IrisGuard iBank Suite" or "iris cameras" as a tool to save time and ensure tighter security at their bank branches and ATMs.

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