Have You Seen Petra by Night?

Thousands of candles, Bedouin music and sweet tea in a magical set.

Did you think Petra was magnificent at daylight? Imagine Petra by Night at the light of a million stars and thousands of candles!

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If you are spending a night or two in Wadi Musa do not miss this wonderful show.
Mind you, you have to schedule your stay very well because this spectacular event is only on on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Petra by Candlelight Program Schedule And Ticket Price

Petra by Night tours start from the entrance at 20.30h and finish at 22.00h so you can be back at the gate around 22.30h.

Tickets cost JD 17 per person.

Children under 12 years can enter free of charge. You can buy your ticket at the Visitor Centre shops, local tour agencies in Petra or at your hotel reception.

The Petra at Night Experience

Although you must go inside together with the group, if you are lucky, everybody will be silent as recommended, while walking through the candle lit Siq so that you can feel the mystery of the place.

At the Treasury you sit on mats on the ground and listen to the traditional Bedouin music played on their special instruments while sipping that wonderful sweet and flavoured tea.

No words can describe this experience!

What Others Say About Petra by Night

"It’s a challenge to capture how beautiful it was" by www.ontheluce.com

"To be alone in Petra in complete silence and darkness was magical. But dress warm, once the sun goes down in the desert of Jordan, things turn cold quickly!" by www.thepanetd.com

And can you image how Petra by night is in a pouring rain? Read Adventurous Kate's story here

Tips And Hints For Visiting Petra In The Night

Reading through the 700+ reviews on Tripadvisor, you can pick up a few hints and tips from other people who already did this tour.

  • Tip #1: Be at the Visitor Centre 15-20 minutes or even an hour earlier to browse through the high quality exhibits at the Visitor Centre organized along various themes like economy, religion, etc. You can, of course, also do this during your day tour of Petra.

  • Tip #2: Bring along a torch to help you see better and also to avoid the donkey / camel / horse dung along the way. At the very least, a torch will boost your self-confidence should you find that you are alone in the dark with no one else around; especially if you happened to be a slow walker.

  • Tip #3: Don't take your kids, they will hate the walk and sitting around listening to flute.

  • Tip #4: Not recommended for older people or those who have difficulty walking. Walking down Siq can be challenging in darkness as some part to the path is paved with uneven stones from roman times. One can easily twist an ankle if step in between the gap. It is already a challenge during the day not to mention in the night. It's downhill when entering the site but it's a gradual uphill climb on the return leg.

  • Tip #5: If you want to take nice photos of Petra by night, make sure you bring a tripod. Full moon is probably the best time of the month for visiting Petra at night.

Any tips you would like to add? Please comment below!

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