Taba--Aqaba ferry crossing

by Ann Phan

I am planning to tour Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey next April 2012.

I am planning to go to Jordan via the Nuweiba ferry crossing to Aqaba, but read a lot about the delays. In that case, I will need a day to prepare for the crossing.
So when I learned about the Taba ferry crossing, I was glad.
But your very helpful guide also stated that one is obliged to return through that border again in 6 days. Is there no exception to that?
Can one not exit Jordan after 6 days (not before) through Queen Alia International Airport after using the Taba ferry crossing?


I had contacted Sindbad, the operator of the Taba-Aqaba ferry, last year regarding this question. I copy-paste their answer here:

"Guests are obliged to return through this route within 7 days"

"Why? What happens if they don't return? Will the police cath and bring them
back? :-))
There are many people who want to travel on to Cairo etc."

"The problem will be for the travel agent, who will then NOT accept individuals travelling through this marina. We get the agreement of travellers before they set off. It is the restriction we have to work with, this operation is a tourist charter service and usually involves a full package of accommodation and transfers too. We don't work with individuals very much, so better if anyone wants to travel they contact an agency."

So the take home advice is: contact the travel agency (or agencies) in Egypt, who organize passangers for the Taba-Aqaba ferry and ask them if they are willing to sell you one-way ticket.

You can find contact details of one agency on the Taba-Aqaba ferry page.

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