How To Visit Jordan During COVID-19 Pandemic

Airports in Jordan reopened for commercial flights on 8th September 2020.

If you are planning to visit Jordan during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are the steps you will need to take - according to the protocol set by relevant authorities.

From which countries can i travel to Jordan without Quarantine?

First of all, check if you need to obtain your visa in advance or if can you get visa on arrival

Then, check your country's Covid-19 status.

The list of Green-,Yellow- and Red countries is updated regularly and can be seen here.

Only arrivals from Green countries can enter Jordan without home quarantine - providing they have 2 negative Covid-19 PCR tests: one from their country of origin within 5 days and one at QAIA airport upon arrival.

Things to Do Before Departure

  1. Conduct a COVID-19 PCR test in the country of your departure max 5 days before your flight date. Hopefully your test result is negative and you can proceed:
  2. Book your flights and hotels, make tour arrangements or rent a car.  [Important: before booking your flight, check if the flight you plan to take is confirmed or not! You can do that on the online application form page: scroll down to 'TRAVEL DETAILS' and check if your flight is there in the 'Flight Details' drop-down menu.]
  3. Buy travel insurance that covers COVID-related hospital treatment too.
  4. Buy the Jordan Pass if you plan to visit Petra. This will cover your visa fee too.
  5. Download the Aman App.
  6. Submit the online application form and pay JD40. This is the fee of your PCR test upon entering Jordan. [Note: Your application will not be processed unless payment is made. You will receive a confirmation code via email that you will be required to present upon check-in at the airport.]

Also, make sure you study and follow the respective safety guidelines and regulationby the airport and your airline. [Wearing mask, gloves, carry-on luggage allowance and size , etc.]

Things to do at the airport

At the check-in counter you must present the following:

  1. Evidence that you have resided at the country of departure for the past 14 days [For example: credit card transactions, invoices, hotel bill etc. in the name of the traveler.]
  2. Negative PCR test conducted from the country of departure in the past 5 days.
  3. Confirmation code you received by email after submitting your online application.
  4. Travel insurance that covers your hospital treatment in case of Covid-19 infection
  5. Aman App downloaded to your smartphone.

Follow the safety instructions give by the airport and your airline.

upon arriving to Jordan

After landing in Amman or Aqaba, all arrivals will be required to do a PCR test and remain at the airport until your test result is ready. It may take 2 to 5 hours.

In case your test is positive, you will be directed to the Ministry of Health office at the airport to arrange your safe transportation to a dedicated COVID-19 hospital for treatment. [If you are non-Jordanian, your treatment will be at your expence, hence the importance of comprehensive travel insurance.]

Coming from a Green country

If your test result is negative: Mabrook! / Congratulations!  you are free to leave the airport and start your holiday in Jordan.

Coming from Yellow or Red countries

Starting from 23rd September 2020, arrivals from Yellow and Red rated country will NOT have to spend 7 days in institutional quarantine (in 5* or 4* hotels).

Hotel quarantine will be replaced by a 7-day home quarantine after which they can start their holiday in Jordan.

[For those arriving before 23rd September: please check out the prices for quarantine hotels and transportation here: ]

While in Jordan

Wear mask in public places like shopping malls, at gatherings, in public transportation and taxis, and practice social distancing according to the Ministry of Health (MoH) guidelines.

Check official updates about Covid-19 situation in Jordan regularly:

If you feel ill and think you might have Covid-19 symptoms, call the MoH hotline: 111.

Leaving Jordan

Make sure you arrive to Amman Airport (QAIA) at least 4 hours before departure. 

Wearing face asks and gloves gloves are mandatory during your entire stay at the airport.

No PCR testing is required upon leaving Jordan, but you must also check the entry procedures and requirements of your destination country.

Useful Links

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